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Beeing to stupid? Chapter 1 completed in variation 0.14. How exactly to link 0.14 and 0.15? Just how to move saves from 0.14 to 0.15? Just duplicate upgrade into 0.14 folder? Don?t take action. Would appreciate information about solution.

Sorry but we do not know. But you were seen by me already found an Solution, perhaps you can share it utilizing the other people.

Being TOO stupid? Wouldn’t would like you to definitely seem stupid or any such thing.

Can you share the perfect solution is, please?

My saves wouldn’t translate over either, but you’re asked a number of questions regarding your progress in chapter 1. When you answer them, you proceed into ch. 2 with all the proper back ground of alternatives.

I need to say, this game is decent. The truly good (and academic) exposition in each chapter, and also the psychology of relationships is portrayed realistically.

There have been a few mistakes in ch 1, many glaring was D’s mentioning of Richard waiting while at *Georgina’s* studio.

In ch. 2, all the smallish mistakes were in sentence structure. The intercourse scene animations had clack markers demonstrably noting them as looped. We *really* liked that Jennifer discovered somebody after being refused by F, and Elena found some body unpredictable in Jordan. (I’m playing that F rejected everyone else but Olivia in support of a relationship because of the D).

I can’t watch for ch. 3!

Really we dunno! Saves 14 to 15 transfered of a rapid. Transfer 15 to 16 no longer working! No idea.

We went in to the exact same issue. Fortunately i possibly could pull up the character’s stats through the past variation and make use of those to manually enter the data to your latest variation.

To be truthful, it certainly does not make a difference everything you have actually through the past variation and move it towards the latest variation. The most recent variation you are able to manually enter whatever and you want for the latest variation. We don’t understand why y’all are building a big hassle about it certainly. ?? ?? ??

Possibly it is because some social people choose constancy and continuity. Padding the stats like this takes all of the “fun” out from the game. Though to every their own.

How manually plzzzzzz help

Please, does anybody understand whenever chapter 3 will come out.

We forgot to incorporate that We don’t think that is a brand new chapter. If I’m perhaps perhaps not mistaken, this can be an extension of chapter 2.

My apologies if we misled you.

Just How come you understand? And it’ll be just little up-date or just how?

And I’m perhaps not completely certain of the up-date content. You will have a rewrite of this bit that is last of though which will be most notable improvement.

Play chapter 1 till finish and then play chapter 2. You can’t play chapter 2 before completed chapter 1. That is what i heard

That’s proper. You need to complete chapter 1 before you decide to can begin the next chapter.

Could it be only one and 2 thus far

An upgrade shall be released on May 26th.

Version 18 of this game will soon be released on May 26th, through the games formal web site –

Well, I have come up with a short list of city names where our cute little blonde lives (for now anyway. Hehe) since we know that D lives in Donutistan,.

1. Sprinkles 2. Glaze 3. Powder 4. Holes (yeah, you are able to maintain your minds that are collective the gutter. That’s just just what we’re here for, right? Lol)

Go ahead and enhance the list! This can get interesting. ??

With what finish the chapter 1? I am stuck in day 13, when i go out for milk, and luckas get inside the house day

Same right here, if you learn solution, please share it!

Do you find solution? ??

It’s earlier in the video game, from just what I’ve discovered. Either you got to register an authorities report whenever Elena implies it, or you gotta accept the authorities girls advice on visiting the self defense purposes training.

Same right right here, please assist

I will be stuck in day 13, once I get away for milk, and luckas have in the home game that is *** PLEASE HELP

You will need to return to your assault, as well as the choice to file police report or perhaps not, before long you certainly will go to police place, all the best

You will need to get back to your attack, plus the choice to file police report or perhaps not, after a few years you are planning to go to authorities place, best of luck

In the event that you didn’t go directly to the police and use the self defense purposes program with Margo then there’s not a way to advance previous day 13

How do the self is taken by you defence classes? We do not desire to begin once again merely to go right to the authorities following the medical center

Please let me know wheneverever when did ch 3 come

Esta variation sirve para android?

Hey we positively love the model of this but I’ve heard of child model in some other games… Is she a standars for whatever pc computer software the dev utilizes? And exactly what ia that software/modelset?

Yeah she’s been utilized in other games as either a homage to DMD, or even for other devs in an attempt to benefit down MrDots success with DMD by utilizing a comparable model appearance to their character.

Their child, or D” as she’s known, had been the first ever to be applied in almost any adult game. She’s the initial, plus in many people’s views the version that is best there is certainly of this base model design.

30days from today till next launch

Eagerly wait for next variation. Whenever is it away?

Are any screenshots offered by v20? Like to see

This video game is simply too good ?? thx

Are you able to win the koko seats?

If we produce a incorrect option but i dont like to start once again from my final salvage could I make a move to rewind time?

Hi guys, any suggestions, i simply waited 30 minutes roughly for game to down load with fileboom to my Macbook, but we can’t appear to have almost anything to start it with, will it be me personally?

No, we too have always been obtaining the exact same dilemmas, despite a few down load attempts I’m able to just obtain the 2 components with absolutely nothing to start them for installing.

Assist, installed 2 components of chapter 2 Mac variation from Fileboom, can’t start them, anyone understand why, or has already established exact same issue. Many Thanks

Just a fast concern: I?m playing these install games for a couple days and also this game continues to be in development. Is every brand new chapter a solitary down load? Or would it be that some updates if not the brand new chapter are gonna become in this variation?

WHere are the android links?

Exactly just How days that are many for chapter 1?

Therefore if i do want to start fresh in ch2 how do you perhaps not get negative points

How can I get daughter to simply take fighting course so i do not drop on time 13

Go directly to the Police with her….

MEN HELP. That knows exactly exactly just what should be performed to relax and play music when you look at the game? Or have always been I misunderstood and she ought not to be there after all? From where i simply failed to down load music here. Music can not work

Okay, Chapter 3 has arrived. Just What occurred to Chapter 2.

It is Chapter 1-3.

I see chapter one, and chapter three… this used to end up being the page for chapter two, however it’s now lacking. It’s chapters 1-3, does that mean that this three picks up from the end of one when you say?

So fundamentally, this has chapter 1 and a chapter 3?? Sounds odd

My saves from chapter 2 won t transfer to chapter 3 if I wish to play I have to play from day 1 ?? anybody solution.

Copy most of the crucial stats from your chapter 2 conserve game by hand. The beginning of chapter 3 will allow you manually input all the appropriate stats/point values and begin you at the start of Chapter 3 it all along like you have been playing.

I simply completed chapters 1 and 2 in twenty four hours and today We don’t understand what to accomplish while We wait. When could be the next chapter coming away?

Just just just How did you get chapter 2 to start out after finishing chapter one ( in the airport )